Forklift 'F' Endorsement

WHY:  It is a Land Transport Rule requirement for forklift operators who use a forklift on the road (see What is a Road?) to hold both a Full NZ drivers licence plus an F Endorsement.
WHERE: On your site if 4+ students (max of 6) or our premises at either Avalon or Palmerston North.
PRE-REQUISITES:  Must hold a FULL Class 1 NZ drivers licence and a current forklift (OSH) certification.
WHAT IS INVOLVED: Theory assessment / test paper based on the unit standard 18496, plus a practical driving test on the forklift.
  If you have any questions regarding "F"  Endorsement - please contact the training coordinator on 0800 538 735 or email 
Avalon FORKLIFT 'F' ENDORSEMENT palmerston-north Avalon FORKLIFT 'F' ENDORSEMENT onsite-training palmerston-north Avalon FORKLIFT 'F' ENDORSEMENT
Monday 11 September 2017 Thursday 19 October 2017   

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