Truck Licensing - Class 4

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Trucks Licensing - Class 4

COURSE: Class 4 Rigid truck up to 25000kg
COST: $1,080.00 incl GST (Client supplies Truck) or $ (Subject to Availability) where We supply Truck.
WHERE: On your site (Minimum of 2 students) or our premises at Avalon or Palmerston North.
PRE-REQUISITES: Student must hold a Class 4L on license, instructor to sight license.  Student will be sent study materials once booked on course. Confirmation of Logbook course (after 1 year student either needs to complete a scenario or 7 consecutive logbook pages).  If student requires logbook course, Central Group can arrange for this to be booked.
WHAT IS INVOLVED: 1 - 2 days  (course may take 2 days if Log book required)
  Day one
Conduct Class 4 theory.
Conduct drive/s.
LOCATION On your site if 2+ Students or our premises at either Avalon or Palmerston North.
ONSITE TRAINING Email to enquire about onsite training 

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