Kevrek Truck Cranes

Full mounting kit provided
A full mounting Kit is supplied, suitable for steel, wood and aluminium trays. It includes the bolts to fix the crane to the frame, the power pack cradle, the stabiliser park and mounting positions.
Precise and safe positioning with proportional controls
Kevrek have designed unique precision control valves that are among the most sensitive available to the hydraulics industry in the world today. The key benefit is the level of sensitivity in operating the crane – it can be slowed down to less than 10cm/ second at the 4.0m boom tip, during slew, lift or extension, ensuring better and safer placement of the load.
Flexible slew stop
Cranes can provide any slewing angle up to 330 degrees, from any one of four set positions which can be changed by rotating the crown gear in increments of 90 degrees. The Crown gear is completely replaceable.
Designed for low maintenance
Kevrek cranes are designed to require low maintenance. The booms slides on buttons made from Nylatron, a new long-wearing plastic that reduces metal-to-metal friction resulting from lack of grease. All pivot points are Permaglide, a brass-impregnated Nylon, which rolls a layer of Nylon onto the pivot pins in the first few rotations and thereafter requiring no lubricant
Great reach and strength
The pressed hexagonal profile for the boom sections enables a 3 metre hydraulic extension on the 1000-S model, with an additional pinned boom enabling reach up to 4 metres. Even at 4m the Kevrek will still lift over 300kg. The vertical reach is extensive, offering a 6.8m hook height from ground, for mounting on a standard tray.
Very light - 30% weight saving
Kevrek uses special Steel alloy which increases strength and reach, providing an increase in possible payload, yet has a 30% weight saving.
Safety ensured with emergency cut-off and load lock
Kevrek supplies an electric key switch to avoid unauthorised access, plus an isolation switch for emergency cut-off. Over-centre type load holding valves automatically relieve the pressure in the cylinder at a controlled rate if the limit is exceeded, or lock the load if there is a loss of pressure. These valves are standard on lift and extension cylinders.
Standard features include stabiliser at no extra cost
5 metres of insulated electrical cable are provided to the vehicle battery with an in-line fuse. Where most crane suppliers charge extra for the stabiliser, Kevrek offers it as standard since it cannot be operated safely without one.
Corrosion resistance to lengthen life – better value for money

Kevrek cranes are finished with a Class 1 sandblast and double powder-coat designed specifically for marine and military requirements. All pins and clips are Cadmium-plated and the micro-valve blocks are Anodised Aluminium.

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