TB2150 Hydraulic Excavator 15 Ton Class

Unique in its class are the standard pivot boom and dozer blade increasing versatility.  The cab is completely redesigned and features a suspension seat, automatic climate control, and a new color monitor panel to monitor machine performance and view the rear view camera.  Multiple auxiliary circuits are standard equipment and make the TB2150 an impressive attachment platform.

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Deluxe LED Work Lights – Provide excellent illumination in low light conditions. Rear Camera – Allows the operator to view obstacles behind the machine for added peace of mind. Optional Heavy Duty Blade with Float – Is ideal for site clean-up and finish work. Automatic Step Down Travel Motors – Provide torque on demand when pushing, climbing, or turning in high speed mode. Dual Auxiliary Hydraulics Plumbed to Mid Arm – Allow the TB2150 to be a versatile attachment platform. Pivot Boom – Allows the TB2150 to dig in the offset right and left positions for greater versatility.

Cushioned Hydraulic Cylinders – Reduce operator fatigue and improve component longevity. Wrap Around Counterweight – Protects key engine and hydraulic components from damage while delivering excellent stability. Powerful Turbocharged Engine – Provides increased horsepower and greater torque for improved performance. Triple Flange Track Rollers – provide increased roller to rail contact improving track retention. Hydraulic Cooling Fan – Reduces noise levels and improves efficiency. All Steel Construction – The engine hood, side covers and access panels are all steel for increased durability.

Top Glass with Sun Shade – Improves visibility for truck loading or to overhead obstacles, such as, power lines, and the additional sun shade reduces glare for greater operator comfort. Suspension Seat – Provides weight adjustment along with fore and aft movement and is also equipped with a 2 inch retractable seat belt. Operator’s Station – Is completely redesigned with an automotive styled interior, intuitive controls, a large 7″ color multi-information display, and automatic climate control. Pilot Operated Joystick Controls – deliver precise responsive controls, and are low effort reducing fatigue. Automatic Climate Control – Allows the operator to choose a preferred temperature for maximum comfort throughout the year. Spacious Floor – Allows the operator to be comfortable throughout the workday, and the large foot pedals fully support the operator’s feet when using the travel function.

Exhaust After-Treatment System – Includes a maintenance free diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to meet to latest EPA Tier 4 emissions requirements.Right Rear Access Panel – Allows access to the pilot line filter and pump group. Left Side Access Cover – Provides excellent access to the dual element air cleaner and batteries. Front Right Access Panel – Provides access to the primary and secondary fuel filters, water separator, DEF fluid pump, and large storage area for tools. Convenient Access – Oil fill, filter, and dipstick are conveniently positioned for easy access. Rear Engine Access – Provides convenient access to daily checks and routine maintenance points.

Information sourced from : http://nzeg.co.nz/

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