TB235-2 Compact Excavator 3.4 Ton Class

Delivering outstanding performance and versatility, the TB235-2 is a proven performer in the Takeuchi conventional tail swing excavator lineup.
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Ease of transport and an excellent working range make the TB235-2 a great choice for owner-operators, rental companies, utilities and general contractors. The TB235-2 has all steel construction, a spacious operator station available with air conditioned cab (optional), an automotive styled interior, outstanding multi-function operation, LED light package (optional) and cushioned boom and swing cylinders for enhanced performance comfort and durability

The TB235-2 has the latest emission standards compliant engine that has no DPF for low maintenance operation. Additional features include an automatic fuel bleed system, double element air filters (optional) , large wrap around counterweight, and exceptional serviceability due to the engine and side hood that open overhead for greater convenience. The operator is protected by ROPS/TOPS/OPG (TOP Guard, Level Ι) cab or canopy for greater peace of mind and comfort.

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