TB257FR Excavator 5.8 Ton Class

The patented side-to-side (STS) offset boom combined with the tight tail swing on the TB257FR provides unmatched visibility to the work equipment and enables it to rotate fully with very little overhang.  Its low center of gravity and optimized counterweight placement creates an extremely stable platform with  lifting capabilities similar to that of a conventional machine.

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TB257FR 0013 Layer 1
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The TB257FR is the latest addition to the Takeuchi FR line up and features the same Side-to-Side (STS) boom configuration and minimal swing radius as the TB280FR. Powering the TB257FR is powerful, turbocharged engine that is EU Stage V / US Tier 4 compliant and provides 32% more engine output than its predecessor, the TB153FR. Hydraulic performance is also improved with a 19% increase in traction force as well as increase hydraulic flow and main system pressure.

The unique Side-to-Side (STS) boom configuration is what sets the TB257FR apart from the competition. The STS boom configuration and minimal tail swing allows for unmatched visibility and manoeuvrability when working in confined spaces. This configuration allows the upper structure to be full roated nearly within the width of the tracks when the boom is stowed in the full upright position.

Maintenance and serviceability have been really improved as well with an enhanced forward tilting cab design that allows for much easier access to the hydraulic control valve, slew motor, and swivel joint. In addition, the counterweight has been redesigned to allow for easier access to the engine for daily maintenance checks and service.

Information sourced from : http://nzeg.co.nz/

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