TB290-2 Excavator 8.4 Ton Class

TB290-2 is a highly versatile wheeled excavator that has on-road capabilities coupled with powerful excavating performance. Multiple hydraulic circuits and attachment presets enhance versatility, and the locking differentials allow the machine to perform in demanding applications.

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TB290-2 0004 Layer 11 TB290-2 0003 Layer 12
TB290-2 0002 Layer 13 TB290-2 0001 Layer 14
TB290-2 0000 Layer 15  


The TB290-2 has a wide array of features that maximize efficiency and productivity. A closed center,load sensing hydraulic system allows the TB290-2 to have outstanding multi-function capabilities, and the attachment presets greatly expands the machines versatility. The cabin on the TB290-2 is spacious and well appointed. A large color monitor keeps the operator informed of critical machine functions. The auxiliary flow rates can be adjusted from the operator’s seat.

Service and maintenance access is greatly enhanced with an engine and side cover that open high overhead for unmatched ground level serviceability.
Key hydraulic components including the main control valve, hydraulic tank and sight gauge, and selector valve (1-way / 2-way) are mounted outboard for easier inspection and maintenance, and all daily inspection points for the engine can be easily accessed from the rear of the machine.

Information sourced from : http://nzeg.co.nz/

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