Hyundai Mighty EX9 Tipper


Need a new workmate? One of our Hyundai Trucks will get the job done. From the smartly designed exterior to the wide, spacious cabin and sturdily built chassis, Hyundai Trucks have been engineered to be the best-in-class. 
  • GVM 8.5 Tonne
  • Class-Leading 600 Nm Torque
  • VDC, ESC and Hill Start Assist
  • Factory Tipping Deck
steering wheel-406 Hyundai Center console-69 Hyundai Disc pad-61 Hyundai T800 audio-428

Adjustable steering wheel

T800 audio

Disc pad wear indicator

Center console

The tilt angle and distance can be easily adjusted to ensure the perfect driving position. • Radio
• USB + AUX + Bluetooth + CDP + MP3 + iPod
Disc brakes come with a warning Indicator to indicate when it’s time to install new pads. The center fascia includes a nicely sized console for storage convenience.

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1-Hyundai-Performance 2-Hyundai-rear-suspension 3-Hyundai-suspension-performance

Anti-Vibration Dampers

Improved Rear Suspension

New rubber dampers replace the older metal type to deliver greatly improved rear suspension performance.

Vibration has been reduced by the application of gas-type shock absorbers and wider spacing between the leaf springs. New rubber dampers replace the older metal type to deliver greatly improved rear suspension performance. The new, longer leaf springs are optimized for reduced weight and improved ride comfort 


3-Hyundai-zinc 4-Hyundai-high tensile 5-Hyundai-shorter-braking

Zinc-plated steel

High tensile strength steel

Shorter braking distances

Zinc-galvanised steel has been specified for 79% of the cabin structure. To achieve higher standards of strength, rigidity and improved durability.  Greatly improved durability provides the customer exceptional benefit to reduce maintenance cost, and also strengthens driver’s safety when accidents happen. The 4-wheel disc brakes with Vehicle Dynamic Control maximize braking power. Compared to its predecessor, Mighty requires 4.6 m less to come to a full stop from 60 km/h.
*EX6 tested at 60 km/h


6-hyundai-audio-remote 7-hyundai-audio-cruise-control 8-hyundai-cab accessibility 9-hyundai-sun-visor

Audio remote control

Auto cruise control

Cab accessibility

Sun visor

The remote audio controls help the driver keep both hands on the wheel for better safety.  The simplified design keeps the vehicle at a steady speed to help minimize fuel consumption. Widened and lowered doorstep offers easier access to the cab for greater convenience and safety The visor is extra-wide for better protection against glare and includes a ticket holder.


10-Detachable-upper-front 11-hyundai-silver-wheels 11-hyundai-micro roof antenna 12-hyundai-tool box

Detachable upper front pane

16" Silver wheels

Micro roof antenna

Tool box

The detachable design allows for quick inspections and easier servicing. Highly durable steel wheels are built to with stand punishment. Great radio reception from a small, aerodynamic antenna that fits exactly to the style of Mighty. The sturdy, side-mounted tool box is easily accessible and lockable.
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