SEPTEMBER 2011 - The new and improved 'Central House'

Central Forklift Group rebrands it's Waterloo Quay building
After many years of being known as Cesco house (which stands for Cargo Equipment Service Company), Central Forklifts have officially renamed the building 'Central House' - the home of their Wellington city branch.
The address is 124 Waterloo Quay and it is the first building on the left at the Centreport entrance - directly across the road from Wellington’s Westpac Stadium. 
This building houses a specialist team of mechanics who carry out maintenance on a variety of equipment - including shipping related equipment that is used on the Port of Wellington.
Central Forklift Group are the only company with a Wellington City base that holds forklifts and related materials handling machinery ready for hire. This makes them the perfect supplier for the CBD and surrounding suburbs.  Their placement on the Port means they regularly supply a large range of equipment for special events at the Stadium such as the Rugby World Cup and rock concerts.

Check out the photos below of the newly re-branded 'Central House' - as pictured, staff have been getting into the spirit of the RWC with a friendly competition between those backing Fiji versus those backing Samoa!

DSC04770_1.JPG DSC04765_1.JPG
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