Heli Loaders

HELI Wheel loaders have an Easy maintenance、comfortable operation、energy saving、big breakout force Etc,the reliability and work efficiency are prominent ,  it’s particularly suitable for mining and other heavy jobs.
Heli loader-915 Heli loader-920 Heli loader-933
HL 915 - Wheel Loader HL 920 - Wheel Loader HL 933 - Wheel Loader
Heli Wheel Loader 915 Button-Spec-A Button-Spec-A
Heli loader-956 Heli_Loader-958 Heli loader-968
HL 956 - Wheel Loader HL 958 - Wheel Loader HL 968 - Wheel Loader
Button-Spec-A Button-Spec-A Button-Spec-A
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