Safety Guidelines for Forklift Work Platform (Safety Cage)

Safety Guidelines for the operation of forklift trucks fitted with approved work platforms:

(Platform Manufactured strictly in accordance with Standard NZ/AS 2359.1)
1.    Ensure the platform is securely attached to the forks or carriage, or load  back rest .

2. The mast must remain vertical.

3. The platform must remain horizontal and centred -  
Do not use sideshift or Tilt.

The forklift must have firm and level footing.

5. All controls must be set in NEUTRAL and the PARK BRAKE APPLIED.

6. The area should be marked to indicate work by elevated personnel.

7. Personnel must be lifted and lowered SMOOTHLY and carefully and only at their request.

8. Watch for overhead obstructions.

9. Hands and feet must be clear of controls - apart from those in use.

10. Move the vehicle closely and only for minor adjustments in horizontal positioning at the request of the elevated personnel.

11. A TRAINED OPERATOR must AT ALL TIMES be in a position to control the vehicle.

12. Personnel must AT ALL TIMES remain on the platform floor

13. The platform must be lowered to floor level before entering or exiting the attachment.

safety cage


Forklift Safety Cage



 The current Approved Code of Practice for Forklifts states: "Restraining means such as rails, chains, etc, should be in place, if not persons on the platform Shall wear a harness and lanyard". 
However Best Practice Guidelines for working at height in New Zealand (2012) states: "be operated with the tilt lever on the forklift controls locked out or made inoperable: alternatively, a fall restraint system comprising of a full harness and short lanyard, allowing free movement only within the platform confines, SHALL be used".

(In Guidelines "Shall" is used where there is a requirement to meet legal obligations. "Should" is used as a way of indicating the practicable steps WorkSafe NZ expects to be taken on a particular matter).

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