NZFMDA Certification

NZFMDA Image.jpgThe NZFMDA Inspection scheme for Industrial trucks, developed in consultation with OSH, is a proactive tool for all employers who are owners/operators of forklifts. By holding this certificate your company demonstrates they have taken the steps to minimise risk and to comply with NZS/ANSI/ASME B56.1 and OSH regulations. The objective of the scheme is to confirm that your forklift is up to a safe operating standard and that the following meet the manufacturer standards at the time of inspection:

  • Compliance to standard at the time of manufacture for stability, strength and safety.
  • Correct load capacity rating with attachment fitted.
  • Operator qualifications. planned maintenance and safety decals.
  • Wear on key items such as forks and chains.
  • Operation of direction and hydraulic controls.
  • Safe operation of brakes, steering and mechanical functions.
  • Operator restraint and other safety features including neutral start.
  • Condition of other items such as lights, engine, transmission and fuel supply are also inspected.

As we are certified by Bureau Veritas and have an approved quality system based on ISO 9000 standards, we are authorised to carry out these NZFMDA inspections.

On satisfactory completion of the inspection, a gold or silver NZFMDA decal recording the relevant details will be applied. A gold decal indicates that the forklift fully complies with NZS B56.1 in all areas. A silver decal indicates that the forklift is safe and generally complies except for the compliance to NZS B56.1, overhead guard, return to neutral direction controls on the electric forklifts and seat restraint on all forklifts.

If the forklift does not meet the compliance or general safety, we will notify you in writing and any remedial work will only be undertaken upon authorisation. The forklift will then be rechecked and the relevant decal will be awarded.

This inspection scheme is to be completed on an annual basis. The inspection is thorough and for a medium sized forklift, it will take approximately 2 hours on your site.
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