Forklift Operator Certification 'New' 

This course is a Health & Safety requirement and operators MUST be certified for using a forklift within the workplace as per the NZ Code of Practice.

Forklift Training Wellington Palmerston NorthForklift Training Course

Forklift-Training-1 Forklift Operator Certification 'Renewal / Refresher'

It is a Health & Safety requirement, under the Code of Practice, that operator's certificates MUST  be 'renewed' every 3 years.
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Forklift-Training-1 Forklift 'F' Endorsement 

 It is a Land Transport Rule requirement for forklift operators who use a forklift on the road (see What is a Road?) to hold both a Full NZ drivers licence plus an F Endorsement.
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dg-82-548-362 Dangerous Goods 'D' Endorsement 

Land Transport Rule requirement for the transport of dangerous goods on land.
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Dangerous Goods Endorsement 'Renewal' 

The D Endorsement expires every 5 years and must be renewed if you are to continue transporting dangerous goods on land.
dangerous goods endorsement Dangerous goods licence
P-Endorsement courses Wellington Palmerston North P Endorsement 

P Endorsement is a requirement from Land Transport requirement to drive small or Large passenger service vehicles in New Zealand.
dangerous goods endorsement Dangerous goods licence
Truck Licensing - Class 2 Training Truck Licensing - Class 2 

Class 2 is the medium rigid vehicle licence. A holder of a Class 2 learner or full licence can drive:
  •  a rigid vehicle (including any tractor) with a GLW of more than 6000kg but not more than 18,000kg
Truck driving schoolsTraining Truck Licensing
Truck Licensing - class 2 license Truck Licensing - Class 4 

Class 4 is the heavy rigid vehicle licence. A holder of a Class 4 learner or full licence can drive:
  • a rigid vehicle (including any tractor) with a GLW of more than 18,000kg 
Truck Licensing Training class 4Truck Licensing Training class 4
Truck Licensing - Class 5 Truck Licensing - Class 5 

Class 5 is the heavy combination vehicle licence. A holder of a Class 5 learner or full licence can drive:
  • a combination vehicle with a GCW of more than 25,000kg
  • vehicles covered in classes 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Truck Licensing - Class 5Trucks Licensing - Class 5

Meet Compliance whilst assisting to make your workplace safer
Helping to assist make your business operation a safer working environment whist meeting compliance requirements. Training will assist in operator awareness, thus reducing accidents, material damage, and downtime by improving operator competency.
Our training courses include; Forklift Operator Certification, Forklift F endorsements, Dangerous Goods Endorsement plus Elevated Work Platforms (EWP), Truck Licensing - Class 2, Class 4 and Class 5.
Training and Assessment with a registered instructor

We offer training courses to the standards set by: WorkSafe NZ (formerly known as MBIE, DoL, OSH), NZ Transport Agency, Competenz, MITO and or HIANZ with our instructors: 
Paul who has been full time assessing and training with Central Group since 2001
and our recent Trainer Mike who joined us in late 2015 and has been full time assessing since 2012.

Our instructors are Fully registered with some of the following: Competenz, New Zealand Transport Agency, MITO, Sills Organisation ITO and HIANZ.

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On-site training to fit around your work schedule
Courses can be arranged on Central's site or on your site. Courses can be tailored to your business schedule and timing.
We can also train operators with varying degrees of experience to improve their performance/competency (i.e. one on one tuition).
All the skills needed for safe and efficient operation
We impart all the skills needed for safe and efficient operation in the industrial workplace. We make sure that operators on the course are aware of their responsibility to comply with relevant approved codes of practice (ACoP) and to ensure the safety of themselves, others, and property.
Please note that health and safety services formerly refered to as Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and earlier Department of Labour (DoL) or Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) should now be referred to as Work Safe NZ.
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Course Options
  • Forklift Operator Certification/ Forklift Refresher - (New and Renewals)
  • ‘F’ Endorsement course for driving on public roads.   (See link: What is a road?)
  • Dangerous Goods Endorsements  - (New and Renewals) 
  • Elevated Work Platform (EWP) Silver card and Unit Standards
  • Truck Licensing - Class 2, Class 4 and Class 5

If you have any questions regarding the above courses or would like to discuss dates - please contact the Training coordinator on 0800 538 735 or email

See our list of upcoming course dates.

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