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Forklift Safety Cage and Container Ramp

Forklift Safety Cages

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forklift safety man cage platform
Make - WPM
Manufactured strictly in accordance with Standard NZ/AS 2359.1
The platform is suitable for a maximum of two people.
Floor size:  1.0m x 1.0m floor with 2.0m high back.
Inward opening door, self-closing with a lock.
Fork pocket:  160mm x 60mm
Fork pocket centre:  640mm
Safe working load: 250kg
Service weight:  110kg
Supplied with harness anchor points, fork locking pins and zinc plated finish.
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Visit our training pages for information regarding the guidelines for the safe use of Safety Cages and the course run by Central Forklift Group.

Container Ramps


2400 ramp.jpg

Standard container ramps   
1200 ramp    

  • Side entry fork pockets on both sides of the ramp for safe and fast movement.
  • Constructed from 6mm chequer plate steel with heavy duty gusseting underneath and finished in black enamel paint.
  • Model - CR1200, 5000kg capacity, 2300mm wide and 1200mm in length (pictured).
  • Model - CR1800, 5000kg capacity, 2200mm wide and 1800mm in length.

Level entry Container ramp
2400 ramp

  • The level section allows the pallet to be level before entering or exiting the container.
  • Model - CR2400, 5000kg capacity, 2200mm wide and 2400mm in length (pictured).
  • Ramp has 900mm slope going up to a 1500mm flat top.
  • Side entry pockets.
  • Enamel paint finish with yellow safety stripe on edge.

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