Truck Licensing - Class 2

Trucks Licensing - Class 2

COURSE: Class 2 Rigid truck up to 18000kg

COST: $1095.00 incl. GST

WHERE: On your site or our premises at Avalon or Palmerston North.

PRE-REQUISITES:  Full Class 1 NZ Drivers Licence and Drivers Medical certificate.  Student will be sent study materials once booked on course.


2 days - 1-2 people only (course may take 3 days if 3-6 people attend course)
Day one
Fill out pre-course forms.
Book student into VINZ for learner licence and conduct learner licencing.
Student to go down to VINZ and sit test.
Conduct logbook course.
Day two
Conduct truck theory.
Conduct drive test.

If you have any questions regarding this licensing or would like to discuss dates - please contact 0800 538 735
or email 

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