Forklift Hire

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Short or Long Term Rental terms available
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Forklift Models
0.6 Ton Electric Stacker
1.2-1.4 Ton Electric Stacker
12-2.0T Electric Reach Stacker
1.5 Ton Scissor Reach Truck
Heli Diesel Petrol LPG Forklifts
TCM Electric 3-wheel Forklifts 
1-3.5 ton engine powered forklift
2 to 3.5 ton engine powered forklift
5 to 10 ton Engine powered forklift
TCM Electric 1.6 ton to 1.7 ton
TCM Electric 4-wheel
Jungheinrich Reach Trucks
Jungheinrich Reach Trucks
Jungheinrich Order Pickers
TCM Electric 4-wheel 1.0 to 3.0 ton
Jungheinrich Electric reach truck 1-2Ton
Jungheinrich Electric reach truck 1.8 to 2.5Ton
Order Pickers 1 - 2 Ton
Jungheinrich Order pickers
Pallet Truck Manual
CBD 20 AC Electric Pallet Truck
Scissor Lifts
Order Pickers 1 - 1.2 Ton
Pallet Truck Manual
AC Electric Pallet Truck
Model : JLG 3246ES
Complete hire solutions backed with full maintenance and operator if needed
Central Forklift Group offers hire solutions to meet your needs, supported by full maintenance and optional accessories. From your traditional lift trucks to reach trucks and smaller equipment like Pallet Jacks - we can find the right equipment for your requirements - this includes new and second hand units.
Cover your peak work demands economically - without any capital tie-up
If you need extra forklifts for short periods of time, casual rental is an economical option. You can meet fleet demand without having to invest in extra equipment that just sits idle in off-peak times.
Let us keep your business going while your present forklift is under repair
Short-term hire is a great solution to keep your business up and running while your present forklift equipment is out of action.
We can find the right equipment for you from one of the largest forklift fleets in NZ
From our extensive fleet of hire vehicles, we’ll provide you with a well-maintained modern forklift that meets your unique requirements.  We can supply rental equipment Nationwide - just contact our head office in Wellington on our freephone number (0800 538 735) or by using the contact form on this website and we'll take care of the rest!
From one hour to five years – as long and often as you need
The period of hire is totally flexible according to your needs, and you can hire equipment as many times as you need it.
A reliable forklift maintained while you’re using it
We’ll continue to support your hired forklift with regular maintenance - however long you use it. As part of our standard rental agreement, you receive a planned maintenance programme with regular equipment checks by a dedicated technician.
Quick extra backup if needed to keep you up and running
We have systems in place to quickly exchange forklifts in the unlikely event of a breakdown requiring workshop attention. We are able to supply both back-up or additional forklifts as required.
We have other equipment you may need
Along with a forklift, we also hire accessories such as:
  • Safety Cages - for lifting personnel
  • Extension Forks - for lifting long loads
  • Container Ramps - for safe entry into containers
  • Bale Clamps - for picking up wool bales
  • Rotators - for rotating bins or products
  • Drum Clamps, Turna Forks, sideshifts
  • LPG conversion kits
Golf and industrial carts for hire - reliable, convenient, and versatile
We hire out a selection of high quality golf carts and industrial utility vehicles, as well as shuttle personnel carriers for virtually any application. These carts are remarkably easy to use and available for long term rental or just casual hire, backed with full maintenance support. We also offer a complete range of accessories to personalise and adapt your cart to your specific requirements.
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