Takeuchi Electric Excavator TB20e

The Little Red Digger Seven Sharp

The Little Red Digger Seven Sharp - Takeuchi Electric Excavator TB20e

The Takeuchi TB20e 2-tonne electric excavator took center stage on a Seven Sharp broadcast in July 2023. Touching on some of the innovative changes starting to take place in the NZ infrastructure industry. This piece highlights the work Fulton Hogan and the Auckland Council are doing to explore reducing emissions and making improvements toward their environmental goals. In this article, they talked about key benefits around noise levels and health and safety aspects of this new technology, with the operator's ability to easily communicate with team members nearby and hear people approaching the machine. These are just a couple of the key benefits to businesses looking to make the jump to electric construction equipment and develop their own path toward greener alternatives.

Central Group bringing you more electric construction equipment options

Central Group has seen vast benefits to the material handling side of electric machinery with lithium-ion electric forklifts and electric pallet jacks fitting into the storage and freight industries extremely well. The Takecuhi TB20e will be the second piece of electric construction equipment we have landed in NZ with the first being the Wacker Neuson WL20e Wheeled Loader. The construction industry is in its early adopter phase with a mix of customers from those who are sticking to the standard equipment and those who are very positive about new alternatives. What Central Group and our dealers are looking to bring to market is a range of trustworthy reliable options for those who are interested in exploring these alternative technologies.

Key Advantages - 

  • Cost Savings on fuel savings by switching from diesel to electric
  • Safer working environment with operators able to monitor their surroundings with greater ease
  • Lower emissions for businesses focused on reducing their carbon footprint
  • Zero loss in quality of machinery with Takeuchis world renowned build quality

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