Compact Medium Digger Excavator TB335R

Takeuchi’s 300 Series excavator expanded with the TB335R, featuring a minimal tail swing design that allows operators to focus more on their work and worry less about rear swing impacts. Operators will find that the TB335R’s compact radius provides excellent maneuverability and accessibility at confined worksites without sacrificing stability. The excavator’s powerful bucket and arm crowd forces and a wide working range also deliver unmatched performance.



Short tail swing design for improved maneuverability in confined job sites, reducing the risk of accidental damage and increasing productivity.

Advanced hydraulic system with multiple auxiliary circuits, providing increased versatility and enabling the use of a wide range of attachments.
Powerful and fuel-efficient Yanmar diesel engine, delivers exceptional performance and reducing fuel consumption, thereby decreasing operating costs.
Spacious and comfortable operator's station with adjustable suspension seat, providing maximum comfort and reducing operator fatigue during long working hours.
Heavy-duty construction with reinforced undercarriage and durable components, ensuring maximum uptime and reducing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance, leading to greater profitability for the customer.


A comfortable operator is a productive operator. The TB335R features a wide range of improvements that will enhance the operator’s experience, including a fully redesigned interior with one-touch controls, jog dial, high-definition color monitor, and deluxe, high-back suspension seat with fore/aft/tilt and multiple height adjustments. Low-effort hydraulic pilot controls serve as an extension of the operator, delivering precise control and minimizing fatigue. The cabin interior is inviting and spacious for enhanced comfort and productivity throughout the day. Daily inspections and maintenance are easy thanks in part to a swing-out engine hood and overhead-opening right side cover. With the hoods open, operators can quickly inspect the water separator, radiator and oil cooler, hydraulic oil level sight gauge, fuel level, dual element air cleaners, coolant level, engine oil dipstick, and battery.