Diesel LPG Forklift 1.5-2 Ton RCD-RCG 15-20

RCD/RCG 15-20 Diesel and LPG Forklift Trucks deliver outstanding performance and safety. With precise handling, excellent visibility, and flexible options, they guarantee efficient material handling.



Efficient Performance: High-performance industrial motor ensures swift and reliable operations, enhancing overall productivity.
Optimum Visibility: Slim mast profile offers an optimum view of forks and load carriers, ensuring precise and safe handling tasks.
Robust Safety Measures: Robust overhead guard maximizes the operator’s view in all directions, enhancing safety during material handling operations.
Comfortable Operator's Cab: Spacious and comfortable cab with excellent suspension, a comfortable seat, and a foot-operated parking brake for fatigue-free operations.
Flexibility and Adaptability: Low-emission engines, ergonomic gas cylinder changeover options, and a variety of cab variants ensure adaptability to diverse applications and preferences.


Introducing the RCD/RCG 15-20 Diesel and LPG Forklift Trucks, your gateway to unparalleled efficiency and reliability in the world of material handling. Designed for those who demand a robust, low-cost solution without compromising on quality, the RCD/RCG series is the epitome of STILL’s exceptional standards. Available in diesel or LPG versions and with lifting capacities ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 tonnes, this versatile counterbalanced forklift truck is engineered to excel in various applications, from handling containers and trailers to pallets, whether on ramps or flat surfaces. One of the standout features of the RCD/RCG series is its high-performance industrial motor, ensuring swift and reliable operations. The slim mast profile guarantees an optimum view of forks and load carriers, enhancing precision in handling tasks. Safety is paramount, facilitated by the robust overhead guard that maximizes the operator's view from all directions. The operator's cab is designed for utmost comfort, featuring excellent suspension to absorb jolts and vibrations, a comfortable seat, and a spacious footwell with a foot-operated parking brake for fatigue-free operation. This series boasts intuitive and precise load handling, made easy with a separate inch pedal for efficient operations. The direct transmission control provides a quiet and smooth driving experience, even at low speeds and on ramps. Its adaptability shines through with a choice of mast and fork lengths, catering to diverse applications. The RCD/RCG series also features excellent visibility, a wide metal step with an anti-slip design for safe entry and exit, and long hydraulic control elements for ergonomic and safe operations. In addition to its powerful performance, the RCD/RCG series offers flexibility and adaptability. Its low-emission engines comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 (Stage V emissions limits). The series provides ergonomic gas cylinder changeover options and offers different cab variants, including full and semi cab designs, to suit various preferences. With a wide range of equipment and attachments to choose from, the RCD/RCG 15-20 series ensures you have the tools you need for any application. Stay connected with the optional interface for integration with STILL neXXt fleet management software, ensuring efficient networking and seamless communication in your operations. The RCD/RCG 15-20 series is not just a forklift; it's your access to success, offering unmatched performance, safety, and flexibility at an unbeatable value.