Diesel Rough Terrain Forklift 2 - 3.5 Tonne CPCD 20-W2Y3 - CPCD 35-W4Y3

Heli rough terrain forklifts CPCD 20Y-35Y are ideal 4X4 or 4WD hoists for construction sites, agriculture, farming, and mining industries. 300mm ground clearance.



Switchable 2 Wheel drive setting for driving over level terrain / 4 Wheel drive mode for increased traction and stability

Pneumatic tires for the best traction across variable terrain
Great of steeply graded slopes and unfinished work sites
300mm ground clearance for extra machine protection over rough terrain
Ideal for all-terrain worksites in construction, agriculture, farming, and mining


Heli all terrain forklifts CPCD 20Y-35Y are the ideal 4X4 hoist for construction sites, agriculture, farming, and mining industries. Built with 300mm ground clearance to navigate uneven and rough terrain, extra grip, and traction from the pneumatic tires. Two options are available that include two-wheel drive and 2WD/4WD switchable to travel faster over long distances or maintain traction on loose terrain. These all-terrain forklifts are best suited for outdoor all-weather sites where level finished surfaces are not available.

HELI ROUGH TERRAIN FORKLIFT 2T-3.5T - key advantages

  • Widely used in agriculture, orchards, construction sites, and other fields
  • Differential Lock
  • Higher ground clearance, the angle of the Mast is up to 10° (F)/ 12° (R), Guaranteeing to pass well.
  • Strong power, large climbing slope, high speed, with domestic and foreign well-known brands of engine
  • Equipped with super wide cross-country tires, off-road performance is good.
  • High exhaust is the standard configuration, ensure the working environment is good