Electric Lithium Ion Forklift 1-2 tonne CPD15SQ-CPD16SQ-CPD18SQ-CPD20SQ

Electric 3 Wheel Forklifts are adaptable, lifting between 1 and 2-ton products. Three-wheels provide a sharper turning radius ideal for indoor tight racks and narrow cross-aisle sites.



3 Wheel forklifts turning radius is ideal for compact tight racking sites

Four machine weights are available to suit the materials you are handling
Electric Lithium-Ion Forklifts have the opportunity charging feature to allow quick recharges during breaks
Cost-effective lithium-ion battery options for longer daily run times
Widely used in warehouses, storage, and manufacturing facilities


Electric 3 Wheel Forklifts are some of the most adaptable forklifts, lifting between 1 and 2-ton pallets and products. The three-wheel configuration gives it a sharper turning radius than its four-wheel alternative. Ideal for indoor tighter racking and narrower cross-aisle sites like breweries and production facilities.