Lithium ion Electric Forklift 1-2 Ton SXV-CB Three wheel

Experience efficiency redefined with the SXV-CB compact electric forklift. Compact, intuitive, and powerful, it navigates tight spaces effortlessly. Ergonomic design, precise control, and smart connectivity redefine warehouse management.



Compact and Intuitive: Intuitive operation in tight spaces ensures stability and versatility for various applications, enhancing efficiency.
Unobstructed View: Free view mast and centrally positioned tiller offer an unobstructed view, enhancing safety and ease of operation, ensuring efficient handling.
Fatigue-Free Operation: Precise electrical steering unit allows effortless control with minimal effort, reducing operator fatigue and ensuring precise maneuvering.
Maneuverability: Small turning radius and narrow aisle width optimize warehouse layout, enabling seamless navigation in confined spaces, maximizing space usage.
Safe Cornering: Curve Speed Control adjusts speed to steering angle, enhancing safety during maneuvers, preventing accidents in confined spaces.


Introducing the SXV-CB, your ultimate warehouse solution. This compact electric forklift truck, designed for various applications, offers exceptional stability, manoeuvrability, and efficiency making it ideal for navigating tight spaces. With a maximum lifting capacity of 1000 kg on its cantilever forks, the SXV-CB ensures efficient and precise load handling. Manoeuvrability: Its small turning radius and narrow aisle width allow seamless navigation in confined spaces, optimising warehouse layout. Ergonomic Workplace: The forklift’s ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable and fatigue-free driving experience. The spacious stand-on platform, upholstered backrest, and low step height enhance operator comfort, enabling fatigue-free operation and ensuring efficient load handling all day. Unobstructed View: The free view mast and centrally positioned tiller provide an unobstructed view, enhancing safety and ease of operation. Precise Control: The precise and smooth electrical steering unit ensures precise control with minimal effort. Sensitive proportional valve control and optional creep speed function allow precise manoeuvring in narrow spaces. The forklift can be operated effortlessly with just one hand, accommodating both left- and right-handed users. Optimal Space Utilisation: The SXV-CB offers high lift heights and residual load capacities, optimising storage space utilisation in your warehouse. Adaptable Driving Programs: Choose from driving modes like ECO, BOOST, or Blue-Q to ensure efficiency or maximum handling capacity based on your specific needs. Reliable Performance: Powered by a powerful, low-maintenance AC drive motor, the SXV-CB guarantees reliable performance. Always Ready: Equipped with a lithium-ion battery (300 Ah to 500 Ah), the forklift ensures prolonged usage and easy lateral battery changes. OptiSpeed Tiller: The OptiSpeed tiller automatically adjusts speed based on the distance between the operator and the truck. Safe Cornering: The Curve Speed Control feature automatically adjusts speed to the steering angle during cornering. Adaptable Forks: Adjustable forks enable handling of various pallet types, accommodating diverse warehouse requirements. Versatile Load Carriers: The self-supporting forks allow effortless lifting of closed carriers, expanding the forklift’s versatility. Expandable Functions: The SXV-CB supports up to two additional hydraulic functions for attachments, ensuring adaptability to specific tasks. The SXV-CB merges power, safety, flexibility, and connectivity. It’s not just a forklift; it’s your reliable partner for stacking, transportation, order picking, and loading/unloading tasks. Experience the future of warehouse management with the SXV-CB.