Lithium ion Electric Forklift 1.4-2 Ton RX 20 Four wheel

Experience the future of forklift technology with STILL's RX 20 4 wheel forklift. Simplicity meets power, safety, and flexibility. Our "Simply Easy" approach ensures intuitive, efficient, and connected operations, setting new industry standards.



Efficient Energy Usage: Enjoy exceptional energy efficiency, maximizing your forklift's range with each battery charge.

High-Precision Hydraulics: Experience safe and precise handling with high-precision hydraulic systems.
Adjustable Speeds: Easily adjust driving and lifting speeds to match your preferences, ensuring efficient and adaptable performance.
Ergonomic Driver’s Cab: Access a comfortable workspace, ensuring efficient operations throughout your workday.
Ultra-Fast Battery Change: Swift lateral battery change feature ensures minimal downtime, enhancing operational efficiency.


Introducing the RX 20 compact forklift - where simplicity meets power, safety, flexibility, and connectivity. With our "Simply Easy" approach, operating a forklift has never been more intuitive and efficient. Intuitive Handling: Enjoy a standard, user-friendly interface across the RX product line, an ergonomic driver's cabin for comfortable operations, and the STILL Easy Control on-board computer for instant access to crucial information and performance functions. Simply Powerful: The RX series stands as an intralogistics powerhouse, boasting high-handling performance. With the touch of a button, activate sprint mode for enhanced efficiency. Intelligent support systems, including traction control, further enhance your operational capabilities. Simply Safe: Safety is paramount in the RX series. Benefit from high-precision hydraulics and agile driving dynamics for safe and precise handling. The ergonomic design features a large handle, anti-slip rubber mat and wide steps for safe and easy access. Battery changes are a breeze with our ultra-fast, lateral battery change feature. Opt for STILL lithium-ion technology for maximum availability, ensuring your forklift is always ready for action, and enjoy energy-efficiency with extended battery life. Enjoy optimal panoramic views through slim masts and large windows. Safety features, such as the optional display-based pre-shift checks, guarantee a secure work environment. Choose from various equipment options like Curve Speed Control for enhanced safety. Simply flexible: Tailor your forklift experience with customised control options, such as a multi- or mini lever, Fingertip, or Joystick 4Plus, and easily adjust driving and lifting speeds with the touch of a button. Explore our range of equipment designed for every application and adapt the RX series to your specific needs. Benefit from flexible charging with our Onboard Charger for simple and fast charging processes. Experience the future of forklift technology with STILL - where simplicity meets innovation.