Diesel Heavy Forklift 15 Tonne 15120-35

The Svetruck 15120-35 is a heavy-duty forklift with a 15-ton lifting capacity, a reliable Volvo diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, and a spacious cabin designed for safe and comfortable operation.



Heavy-duty forklift with 35-ton lifting capacity.

Powered by a reliable Volvo TAD1672VE diesel engine.
Hydrostatic transmission for smooth and precise control.
Spacious cabin with excellent visibility for safe and comfortable operation.
Designed for demanding industrial environments, such as ports and steel mills.


The Svetruck 15120-35 is a heavy-duty forklift designed to handle demanding industrial environments with ease. Its impressive lifting capacity of 15 tons and maximum lifting height of 5 meters make it ideal for handling heavy loads in ports, steel mills, and lumber yards.

The forklift is powered by a powerful and efficient Volvo TAD1672VE diesel engine, providing 405 kW of power at 1800 rpm. This engine ensures reliable performance and reduces maintenance costs, making it a cost-effective solution for heavy-duty industrial applications.

The 15120-35 features a hydrostatic transmission, which allows for smooth and precise control of the machine. This feature enhances safety, reduces operator fatigue, and improves productivity, as the operator can maneuver the forklift with precision and ease.

The spacious and comfortable cabin of the 15120-35 is designed to provide the operator with an ergonomic and safe working environment. The cabin features excellent visibility, air conditioning, and an adjustable seat, among other features. This feature enhances operator comfort, reduces operator fatigue, and improves safety, as the operator can work in comfort and with increased situational awareness.

Svetruck is known for producing high-quality and durable forklifts, and the 15120-35 is no exception. This model is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty industrial use, making it a reliable and long-lasting investment for businesses that require heavy lifting capabilities.