Electric Pallet Stacker 1.6 Tonne CTD16-960

CTD16 Electric pallet stackers 1.6 Tonne capacity with optional ride-on stand. Straddle arms, auto deceleration while turning, and emergency stop buttons for operator safety.



Heavy-duty electric pallet stacker with greater lifting capacity at height

Automatic deceleration while turning to improve load safety and stability
Auto reduced speed when in a high position for operator's safety
Regenerative braking system to increase runtime
Emergency belly button to keep the operator from getting pinned against walls or racks.


CTD16 Electric pallet stackers lift more than the CTD14 with an extra 200 kg lifting capacity increasing it to 1.6 tonne. Operators will be able to move, store and travel further with this larger material handling stacker. With straddle arms, auto deceleration while turning, and emergency stop buttons, operators will be able to lift more and stay safe when moving and storing your palletised products. Dimensions - 1470x2005x1900.