Wheels, Tracks and Rollers Endorsement.

Wheels, Tracks and Rollers Endorsement.



Course Length:



To drive a specialised vehicle that is: Wheels, Tracks or Rollers,  it is a requirement to have an applicable endorsement on your licence if you are driving/using the machines in an area deemed as a road. 

Avalon, Palmerston North, Napier.

2 Hours for Theory
Plus 2 Hours for one Machine
2.5 Hours for 2 Machines
4 Hours for 3 Machines

Must have class 1 driver’s licence

Email training@centralgroup.co.nz to enquire about onsite training

1 Machine - $199.50 incl GST per operator
2 Machines - $399.00 incl GST per operator
3 Machines - $441.00 incl GST per operator

1 Machine 8 attendees maximum
2 Machines 8 attendees maximum
3 Machines 6 attendees maximum

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If you have any questions regarding this licensing or would like to discuss dates - please contact 0800 538 735 or click here to send us a message  
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