Dangerous Goods Endorsement 'Renewal'

WHY: The D Endorsement expires every 5 years and must be renewed if you are to continue transporting dangerous goods on land.
COURSE LENGTH: Approximately 2 to 3 hours.
PRE-REQUISITE: MUST have a current or recently expired 'D' endorsement on your NZ drivers licence. 
NOTE: Must also currently, or recently , be dealing with the Transport of DG's.
WHAT IS INVOLVED: The course itself is theory based and has 2 parts. The first part is closed book, no reference material allowed, the second section is open book. The assessment covers the important sections/responsibilities of the DG Rule that one should know and be aware of!
LOCATION On your site if 4+ operators (max of 6) or our premises at either Avalon or Palmerston North.
AVALON 2nd May
ONSITE TRAINING Email training@centralgroup.co.nz to enquire about onsite training 

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If you have any questions regarding this licensing or would like to discuss dates - please contact 0800 538 735 or email training@centralgroup.co.nz 
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