Forklift Operator Certification "Renewal"

Central Group provides quality Refresher / Renewal Forklift courses in Wellington and Palmerston North and also on Your Site. 

WHY: For those operators who a certificate that has expired or is about to expire (Expire every 3 Years).
This course is a Health & Safety requirement and operators MUST be certified for using a forklift within the workplace as per the WorkSafe NZ Approved Code of Practice (ACoP).
COURSE LENGTH: 1/2 to 3/4 Day.
PRE-REQUISITES:  MUST hold a current or recently expired certificate (No more than 1 year from expiry) issued from a registered instructor / trainer. 
WHAT IS INVOLVED: Theory session (approx 3hrs) including a test paper, plus a practical test (approx 10mins) on a forklift.
LOCATION On your site if 4+ operators (max of 10) or our premises at either Avalon or Palmerston North.

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