Mini & Compact Excavators Under 5 Ton

Mini & Compact Excavators Under 5 Ton

1-TB210R-Compact excavators 2-TB215R-Compact excavators 3-TB216-Compact Excavators
TB210R Mini Excavator 1 Ton Class TB215R Compact Excavator 1.7 Ton Class TB216 Compact Excavator 1.7 Ton Class
The TB210R delivers excellent performance and provides an impressive feature set in a very compact design.
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The TB215R is a minimal tail swing design allowing it to work in confined job sites with little concern for rear swing impacts.
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TB216 provides the operator with a nice blend of power and functionality. 

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TB217 R-747    
TB217R Compact Excavator 1.7 Ton Class    
The TB217R has many features to make any job easier.
Compact Excavators-4-TB219 Mini Compact excavators 5-TB23R Mini compact excavators 6-TB225
TB219 Compact Excavator 2 Ton Class TB23R Compact Excavator 2.5 Ton Class TB225 Compact Excavator 2.5 Ton Class
The TB219 boasts an excellent blend of power and performance. 

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The minimal tail swing design of the TB23R allows it to work next to buildings or other obstacles with little concern for rear swing impacts. 

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The TB225 features all steel construction, a spacious operator station, smooth hydraulic pilot joystick controls that deliver precise responsive controls and best in class engine output.
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Mini Compact Excavators 7-TB228 Mini Compact excavators 8-TB230 Mini Compact excavators 9-TB235
TB228 Compact Excavator 3 Ton Class TB230 Compact Excavator 3 Ton Class TB235 Compact Excavator 3.8 Ton Class
The TB228 provides exceptional breakout forces and working range, and the four pump hydraulic system delivers smooth multi-function operation without sacrificing performance.
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With its narrow width the TB230 is able to work on job sites with limited accessibility, and the conventional tail swing design provides excellent stability and greater operator space. 
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Delivering outstanding performance and versatility, the TB235 is a proven performer in the Takeuchi conventional tail swing excavator lineup.

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Mini Compact Excavators 10-TB138FR Mini Compact Excavators 11-TB240 Mini Compact Excavators 12-TB250
TB138FR Mini Excavator 3.8 Ton Class TB240 Compact Excavator 4 Ton Class TB250 Mini Excavator 5 Ton Class
The patented side-to-side (STS) offset boom combined with the tight tail swing on the TB138FR provides unmatched visibility to the work equipment and enables it to rotate fully with very little overhang. 
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The TB240 provides exceptional power, performance, a wide working range, and an excellent feature set. 

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The TB250 is exceptionally powerful and efficient.  It provides impressive breakout forces and working range, 

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