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We can provide the right solution for your needs

We can recommend and supply the right forklift solution for you, including accessories. We offer free advice, giving you the benefit of our extensive experience in the industry.  We are the one-stop shop - all sales are backed up with servicing schedules and support so you get the best value for your money.

Competitive pricing with finance options to meet your budget

We offer flexible finance options for those wanting to purchase a new machine.
We supply materials handling equipment to a range of industries:
Sawmills Warehousing Container yards
Forestry Freight Handling Manufacturing
Rail Yards Paper Products Storage

A range of quality brands and models to cover any need

We offer a huge range of forklifts and accessories from three world-leading companies.
Heli - the easy-to-use forklift that’s best value-for-money on the market
Heli Specifications
Heli is the fastest growing forklift manufacturer in the world, offering a range of applications from 1 tonne to 32 tonne capacity. Their forklifts are a pleasure to drive and provide solid reliability. Their electric models can easily handle a full day’s work with eco-friendly performance free of any pollutants. Find out more
Jungheinrich - wide range of warehousing truck solutions
Jungheinrich Specifications
Jungheinrich is the leading manufacturer of warehousing trucks in the world. Having recognised that customers prefer single sourcing, Jungheinrich offers the widest range of materials handling solutions and forklift trucks in the world. Find out more
TCM - long-established quality tradition
TCM Specifications
For more than 50 years, TCM has been a leader in forklift manufacturing. From 1 ton to container handlers, the latest in technology continues to bring lower operating costs and increased productivity. The tradition of quality has become the trademark of TCM. Find out more
Meeting your smaller scale needs - pallet jacks and stackers
We sell a wide range of pallet jacks available from manual lifters to electric powered units.
Forklift accessories to cover all your needs
Along with a forklift, you may also need other equipment we provide:
  • Safety Cages - for lifting personnel
  • Extension Forks - for lifting long loads
  • Container Ramps - for safe entry into containers
  • Bale Clamps - for picking up wool bales
  • Rotators - for rotating bins or products
  • Drum Clamps, Turna Forks, sideshifts
  • LPG conversion kits
Talk to us about your needs - Not interested in buying a new forklift? How about a Used forklift?
Or perhaps you may be interested in Hiring a new or second hand forklift? Our head office in Wellington is ready to take your calls from where ever you may be in NZ.  Call our freephone on
0800 538 735.
Kevrek – light and durable with precise control
Kevrek Crane Specifications

Our Kevrek cranes offer high strength and reach with low maintenance, lifting loads from 500kg to 1500kg and suitable for steel, wood and aluminium trays. They have a 3 metre hydraulic extension with up to 4 metres reach with additional boom. Find out more
A selection of reliable, convenient, and versatile models
Golf and Industrial Cart Range

We have a selection of high quality golf carts and industrial utility vehicles, as well as shuttle personnel carriers for virtually any application. These carts are remarkably easy to use and are backed with full maintenance support. Find out more
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