Heli Manual & Electric Pallet Trucks

Heli Pallet Trucks - Manual and Electric
Your Entry Model into Manual Pallet Transportation.
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Heli Manual Pallet Jack

A simple but strong design - a very reliable and dependable pallet jack suitable for any application.
Model : 3 Models available - 2 x low profile Models for chep pallet handling. 1 x standard model suits most pallets
Capacity : 2500Kg
Handle : 3 position handle - Lift, Neutral, Lower
Wheels : Polyurethane front load wheels & steer wheels
Warranty : 12 Months.


PDF.jpgClick here to view or download brochure for the Heli Pallet Truck - Manual



Heli Electric Pallet Trucks

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Heli Electric Pallet Trucks

  • CBD13 - 1.3 ton Mini Electric Pallet Truck, 1300kg Capacity
  • CBD20 - 2.0 ton AC Electric Pallet Truck, 2000kg capacity

PDFClick here to view brochure for the Heli Mini Electric Pallet Truck - 1.3 ton

PDFClick here to view brochure for the Heli AC Electric Pallet Truck - 2.0 ton

For more information on our range of Heli forklifts - please call 0800 538 735 or send through an enquiry request.


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