CPD10S-20S - Three Wheel(Front Drive)

GSeries-Heli Forklifts CPD10S-20S
● Dual-motor front wheel drive
  Integrated drive unit is composed of two independent AC drive motors of 4.5kw and compact drive axle in construction, having optimum acceleration and climbing capabilities.
● Power-steering system
  With power steering assembly with twin wheels, the driver can easily operate for turning. With electronic differential, the travel speed changes with the steering angle automatically so as to achieve the turning of truck at original place.
● High efficiency
  The series is adopted an excellent performance DC serials motor in design, which increases the lifting speed of no load, enhances productivity of the truck. This series yet is adopted advanced technology of dynamic signal load sensing in hydraulic system, which makes the truck hydraulic system is more efficiency and more energy saving.
● Low noise
  The series is adopted a new type of integrated steering unit with the load sensing, eliminate the steering motor and steering pump, achieved hydraulic system driven by only single pump. This series is adopted the excellent performance DC motor and the low noise pump, it is remarkably decrease noise of the driving and action of low speed lift, and the truck is more green to environment.
● Using-friendly LCD instruments
  All the running states of the truck and trouble shooting message can be totally expressed in the form of relevant icons and displayed in the big-size LCD. It makes you get to know the relevant message more easily and dynamically.
● Wet-disc braking system
  Operating brake: Foot operated oil-bathed multiple disc brake. Parking brake: hand operated cable brake and acted upon the oil-bathed multiple disc brake. Oil-bathed Multiple Disc Brake helpful to prolong it’s life and reduce the maintenance expense for it.

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CPD10S-20S - Three Wheel(Front Drive)



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