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The best value-for-money forklift on the market
Heli is the leading forklift service provider when it comes to cost-effectiveness, with attractive pricing that stands out above the competition.
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Manual & Electric Pallet Trucks Electric Stacker Diesel - Petrol - LPG - Forklifts
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Electric Forklift Reach Truck Heli Image Gallery
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Heavy Vehicle - Big Truck Heli Tow Tractor  
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A pleasure to drive…easy to operate
Customers report that their operators love driving their Heli forklift, being easier than other brands. They are built for safety and comfort, with a wide view mast enabling excellent visibility at all heights and suspension seat. The convenient ergonomically-located controls give you all the basics you need without the complicated electronic components of other brands and performance levels can be programmed into the forklift. Battery changing is also easy for electric models.
Suitable for a wide range of applications
Heli caters for 1 tonne through to 32 tonne capacity, from counter-balance trucks to walkie stackers and pallet trolleys - so customers can get a tailor-made forklift to suit their requirements. Both electric and internal combustion trucks are offered suitable for a variety of industries, including timber and forestry, transport, fruit packing, manufacturing and general warehouse operations. They are the perfect choice for virtually any materials handling application.
Solid efficient reliability
Customers testify to how reliably Heli forklifts perform to meet the needs of their business, with excellent durability. They have become synonymous with efficiency.
Electric powered models - pollution-free operation
Electric models can easily handle a full day’s work on one charge and are great for indoor use, being free of any pollutants.
The fastest growing forklift manufacturer in the world

Heli is currently ranked number 9 on the world ranking list of materials handling vehicles. Heli Forklifts have developed a higher quality in a shorter timeframe. Heli has created the largest and most technologically advanced facilities in China, manufacturing over 20,000 units per year.

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