Heli CPCD 280-320 Diesel engine forklift

Heli CPCD CPCD280-320 diesel forklift


● The vehicles are designed by professional design company which is famous in Europe, and the vehicles conform to the requirements of EN1459, DIN15018 and ISO WD 22915-12.
● The stability and structural strength of the whole car conform to the European design standard.
● Hydrostatic power steering with load sensing provides flexible and handy steering.
● The radius of turning is low and the maneuverability is great.
● The design principle of automobile electric system is adopted for the truck which better satisfies the special and harsh usage environment requirements for the construction machinery for road use. And also the principle facilitates the later maintenance for better popularity of the automobile electric accessories and lower purchase cost.
● After optimization design and test, the power transmission system can make the engine work with minimum fuel consumption on the premise that the performance of the whole truck under different working conditions is ensured; Analyzing the structural parts with the finite element analysis that can reduce the service weight, optimize the outline dimension and lower the engine fuel consumption; The pressure loose is reduced through the highly integrated hydraulic functional valve blocks and optimized pipeline.
● With the modular design, the size of the modular parts are small, so that they can be transported convenient.
● The operation conforms to the requirements of Ergonomics.
● Wide view lifting system is adopted.
● High-mounted cab provides excellent all-round visibility and lower noise around the ears (77dB).
● Sliding type bonnet facilitates maintenance and repair.


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CPCD280-320 Forklift



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