CPCD 180 Diesel Engine forklift

container handler forklift CPCD180 reach stackers

● The diesel engines including 6 cylinder and turbocharger of VOLVO company (Sweden) or DEUTZ company (Dalian, China) is used. With great power and torque, it is suitable for all-weather operation. High in performance and low in oil consumption .
● The products of DANA Company or ZF Company, USA are used. The gearbox adopts the control parts that integrate various kinds of control programs and can easily realize various control operation. It is furnished with fault diagnostic apparatus, greatly facilitates the maintenance. 
● The products of PARKER Company, USA is used, which, both efficient and reliable, is operated with single handle and piloted control. It can relieve the fatigue of the drivers because of simple operation and energy saving.
● The hydraulic oil circuit equipped with forced cooling system ,that can conform the requirements of high intensity work.
● The control parts adopts modular and highly integrated DVEC (double central distribution box) design. With advanced programmable 3D matrix technology, it is easy to alter. The connectors made by AMP and DELPHI have good dustproof and splash-proof functions.
● According to the load and actual conditions, choosing the high quality special port tyre to improve the reliability of the product.
● The heavy-duty drive axle of KESSLET Company, Germany is used. The axle with large capacity and brake torque, is safe and reliable. The multiple-piece wet type is fully enclosed, maintenance free, safe and reliable and is equipped with caliper disc parking brake.
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