CDD12J - Electric Stacker


  1. High power lift pump has high working efficiency.
  2. Side driving design achieves a smaller steering radius and wide view. 
  3. The driving system with the permanent magnetic motor has a small volume, lightweight and low consumption
  4. German water-proof inching switch meets the requirements of harsh working condition such as cold, humidity and dust circumstances. 
  5. Four colours of LED electricity meter makes it simple and easy to read. 
  6. The external charger has better cooling performance.
  7. It's more comfortable and easier for operator using a super long handle that integrates with lifting button key switch electricity meter which is suitable for ergonomics more accurate speed control with turtle speed switch more durable with high-quality air-pressure aprings which allows slowly and automatically reset.
  8. Iron steel protection guard with high density, which is more durable, firm and has a high protection effect
  9. Maintenance-free battery. 


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