CPCD 50-100ton G Series Forklift Truck

Heavy duty CPCD50-100_heli 5ton forklift
Engine powered Forklift 5-10 ton
Reliable forklift
  • G Series 5 to 10 tons of internal combustion forklift trucks, is carefully crafted together a whole new generation of products Its main features are as follows: 
  • streamline design, beautiful, dynamic, fashion; 
  • double suspension damping structure, reducing vibration of the vehicle, improving driver fatigue: overhead guard (cab) full suspension damping design; dynamic system Optimal Design of shock passed. 
  • sealed the cockpit and engine peripheral accessories optimize the design, reduce the driver's ear and vehicle noise sound power level; 
  • rational optimization of the cooling system, the cooling performance dramatically, thereby enhancing the transmission, engine and other key components of reliability and durability; 
  • hydraulic system optimization design, highlighting energy efficient, reduce vehicle fuel consumption; 
  • into the interactive ergonomic design to enhance operator comfort; with a wide view of lifting system, improve vision; 
  • the vehicle comes standard with electro-hydraulic reversing system and effortless operation, convenient; upgrade new intelligent shift system to prevent the second gear start, improve transmission reliability; 
  • the vehicle interior space is more spacious, more rational layout component position, the hood opening angle is increased to 80 °, the machine better maintainability; 
  • independent integrated electronic control box, reduce the electrical failure rate and easy maintenance; 
  • the fuel tank volume increased 10%, to extend the continuous operation time of the vehicle, the fuel tank cap with a lock designed to improve fuel security; 
  • the standard LED lights; Ratchet type parking brake; reliable steering lock mechanism; 
  • frame, door frame and other core structural parts using CAE forward design, its strength increased dramatically, more rugged vehicle;
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 CPCD 50-100 Forklift Truck 



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