CBD15-170J 1.5 Ton Electric Pallet Truck




Configuration and Performance

  • The truck has a compact structure and is economic
  • Permanent magnet drive motor assembled on the truck has a simple structure and is easy for maintenance.
  • Stepless speed regulating is easy for operation and maintenance
  • Open type layout of the battery is easy for replacement
  • Built-in-charger is a standard configuration
  • The maintenance-free battery is safe and non-pollution.
  • The Truck is compact and suitable for narrow space operation.
  • Special design for Fork in and out of a double-faced pallet.
  • Lifting automatic limit is safe and energy-saving.
  • Emergency reversing device and emergency brake switch are standard configuration.
  • The Truck has low noise and small energy consumption and only 2Kw/h energy are consumed daily.

download-ELECTRIC PALLET-specification
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