CBD15J-Li Lithium Battery Powered Pallet Truck


CBD15J Features: 

1. Simple, flexible, lightweight and small turning radius make the truck suitable use in an extremely narrow aisle.
2. Strong structure and open layout make the maintenance easy

3. Same hydraulic pump with the hand pallet, simple and reliable

4. Integrated handle integrates key and meter make the operation easy and comfortable.

5. Portable lithium-battery pack provides easy and speedy battery change. 

6. The emergency reversing device ensures safe operation.

7. Auxiliary wheels on two sides provide well stability.

8. Manual lift is available as an option.
Click here to view or download the brochure for the Heli CBD15J-Li Lithium Battery Powered Pallet Truck


For more information call  0800 538 735  or click the Free quote button and on the message box type "CBD15J - Li Lithium Battery Pallet Truck".  Thank you.

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