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Maximum performance with minimum energy consumption. Lifting the heaviest loads to the greatest heights Horizontal order picking. With extra options.
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Leading manufacturer of warehousing vehicles – widest range
Jungheinrich has the widest range of materials handling solutions and forklift trucks in the world, for a targeted range of services. With over 600 different vehicles to choose from, you are sure to find what you need for your operations, regardless of the lifting height, surface, or transport distances involved.
Hand pallet trucks - great for small lifting applications
The broad range of Jungheinrich hand pallet trucks ensures you a cost-effective solution for your specific needs, from traditional 2,200 kg to scissor pallet trucks.
Pallet trucks – pedestrian, stand-on, or seat trucks
You will find the best solution for any transport distance, with pedestrian trucks for short distances through to stand/ seat trucks for longer distances. Economical solutions are available for 1,600 kg to 3,000 kg according to your specific needs.
Stackers - for any transport distance and lifting height
Customized solutions are available for any transport distance and lifting height, featuring pedestrian trucks for short distances, combined pedestrian/ stand-on equipment for medium-range operations, and stand-on/ seat trucks for longer distances. Economical solutions are available for 1,600 kg to 5,350 kg according to your specific needs.
Electric counterbalance trucks – eco-friendly for indoor or outdoor use
Tailor-made solutions are available for indoor and combined indoor/ outdoor operations. Variants include compact rear-wheel drive, high-traction, and four-wheeled forklifts with payload capacities of 1,600 kg to 5,000 kg.
IC trucks - 1,600 kg to 9,000 kg in diesel or gas
Drive systems include hydro-dynamic drives (ideal for long transport distances) and hydro-static drives (ideal for frequent changes in direction).
Reach trucks- for any lifting height
Options include compact or particularly quick vehicles, lifting heights up to 12.02m, indoor or outdoor use, and multi-directional trucks.
VNA trucks – for stacking heights up to 14.57 m
Jungheinrich has solutions for all high-rack systems with stacking heights of up to 14,570 mm. This includes a "man-up" stacker which allows the driver to slot-in and retrieve entire pallets as well as stack individual items.

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