TCM Forklifts

A world-reputed market leader

TCM is as an outstanding manufacturer backed by more than 50 years of accumulated expertise. The latest in technology continues to bring lower operating costs and increased productivity.

Dependable quality - the trademark of TCM

TCM makes dependable and hard working forklifts from 1 ton up to container handlers, continually refined and upgraded to meet ever-changing requirements of customers. Great features include:
  • Improved manoeuvrability
  • High power engine for speedy loading
  • Reduced emissions (diesel, gasoline, and LPG)
  • Enhanced operator comfort
  • Power-assisted brakes
  • Wide-view mast
  • Suitable for harsh workplaces
  • Easy maintenance

Electric – eco-friendly and great for confined areas

Battery powered forklift trucks are increasingly important for lower emissions and a cleaner environment. Three-wheelers are extremely manoeuvrable, enabling quick and easy material handling within very confined or aseptic workplaces such as food-processing plants.

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