TCM LPG/Diesel 1.5 to 3.0 ton

TCM LPG/Diesel Forklifts - 1.0 ton to 3.0 ton

The TCM iNOMA offers every business a strong, reliable, rugged yet refined and comfortable truck. The list of improvements and enhancements for the iNOMA has made it possibly the most rounded truck in its class.

With a build quality second-to-none; low cost of ownership, whether you buy or hire; simple servicing, warranty and ergonomics which offer safe, comfortable and productive driving and operation - it is certain you will  struggle to improve on this comprehensive package.

It’s got every safety feature you’ll need on a modern design, to a quality standard we’re proud of – the TCM Promise.

Bottom line is, it makes business sense; reliability that is the envy of the industry keeping costs right down and keeping your operations running; comfortable, safe trucks that drivers feel confident about operating; low cost of spares, strong residual values.


  • Dual floating engine for ultimate comfort, minimal vibration
  • Front/rear stability increased to 155%
  • Huge vision through the mast
  • Stronger mast, with mast-twist designed out
  • Low operating temperatures for oil and coolant
  • Stage II emission control engines - eco friendly engines
  • Safer turning
  • Packed with safety features
  • Increased stability
  • Strengthened overhead guard
  • Easy Maintenance

PDF.jpgClick here to view brochure for iNOMA FG/FD forklift

PDF.jpgClick here to view brochure for iNOMA FG/FD forklift specifications - 1.5 to 1.8 ton

PDF.jpgClick here to view brochure for iNOMA FG/FD forklift specifications - 2.0 to 3.0 ton


FG SERIES                FD SERIES             
FG15T3 1500KG FD15T3 1500KG
FHG15T3 1500KG FHD15T3 1500KG
FG18T3 1750KG FD18T3 1750KG
FHG18T3 1750KG FHD18T3 1750KG
FG20T3 2000KG FD20T3 2000KG
FHG20T3 2000KG FHD20T3 2000KG
FG25T3 2500KG FD25T3 2500KG
FHG25T3 2500KG FHD25T3 2500KG
FG30T3 3000KG FD30T3 3000KG
FHG30T3 3000KG FHD30T3 3000KG



iNOMA1.jpg iNOMA2.jpg
iNOMA3.jpg iNOMA4.jpg iNOMA5.jpg

For more information on our range of TCM forklifts - please call 0800 538 735 or send through an enquiry request.





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